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Beautify Your Outdoor Space

NEW!  No additional charge for us to apply for your permit with your Township.  

*Township fees may apply*


Mission- Our Purpose

We are a family-operated, locally owned business that focuses on working with clients who value and appreciate the safety, security, appearance, and functionality that fences can bring to their lives. 

Our team provides superior quality workmanship and genuine customer care through all services we offer.   

We aim to leave a mark in the world for the enjoyment of our clients and future generations.

Vision- Our Future

We believe in growing organically by building and maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships with each other and our clients. 

We thrive as a small business and intend to remain in this capacity to live out our mission. 

Our future will be the legacy we’ve created through quality, commitment, and passion to become a successful business.

Values- Our Culture

​The key components we incorporate into our daily routine include:

  • Integrity: honesty and solid work ethics are number one.

  • Safety: Use best practices in the field and support each other.

  • Constant and honest communication: Our clients deserve our full attention and to understand the status of their project every step of the way. No secrets here!

  • Teamwork: Work as a team with a genuine sense of comradery.

  • Pride: Take a moment to step back, admire, and feel proud of what we’ve created for our clients.

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